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A collection of stuff requested, sent in or found.

I drew my first paycheck working in radio at this building.  October 1963, I took home $10.00.  The building is still there, although it is now a doctors office.

WETO Gadsden, Al 1963


What radio geeks do...Is they identify every item in the pictures. 

We appreciate George Lucas the producer of the flik, for using a real radio station for these scenes


My thanks to UNIVERSAL PICTURES for the photo's from American Grafitti.

Charlie Monk WKRG Mobile, AL

My good friend Travis Turk, a recording studio engineer in Nashville, is now collecting vintage gear.  He sent me this early photo of a 76-B2 he bought recently, plus he has been friends with Mr. Monk for years. 


Time , collectors and E bay have made this and it's big brother the Model 25 almost priceless these days.


 Here is another picture from Ron Gurley another old gear fan, he sent me this photo of the WDAE transmitter bldg from the 60's.  The console appears to be part of the G E turnkey package.  Thanks to Douglas Williams out there in Internet land, who recognized my error when I called it RCA stuff.

The romantic side of radio gear

There's just something about a tower picture............

Thanks to Bob VanProoyen of Grand Rapids for seeing the beauty in this business.