HARRIS Stereo 5

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A workhorse of the 80's, a Harris Stereo 5

Harris Corporation offered a low cost option for stations wanting to get a real stereo board and not have a lot of features, that they might never use, thus the Stereo Five was born.

Under water at some time in it's life

Cleaning this up took some work, but that is the fun of it.

A HARRIS inspection sticker went back in the proper place before I shipped it back.

"Other side was just as bad"

I cleaned up the rust and yuck inside, correct a few electrical problems, and re faced the V U meters, then a general cleaning on the front face and a repainting of the entire console and she was lookin' good.

Harris paint in those days was Blue and Ivory

It makes a nice looking unit once it been thru the car wash.....

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