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Most people in  the broadcast business know Dave Hultsman.  Dave is one of my best friends, and is a valuable resource on radio history and engineering.  He was the chief engineer at KLIF in Dallas during the glory days.  Dave was (and IS) a super engineer that was sought out by Collins, then moved on to a great career with Continental, where he remains today.

Dave and I have shared a love for the Collins 212E console for many years.  Last summer, Dave was cleaning out and called me to meet him on the side of the Interstate to receive a gift. 

The gift was 2 - 212E's.  He thought that I would give them a good home.  Dave, I hope I have done justice to your request.


Waiting on me to get started


as promoted in the Collins Catalog 1962

Here is a shot of Jon "Rock & Roll" Anthony at one of these consoles at WSGN, the legendary Big 610 in Birmingham Alabama back in the day.

Doing the "body" work on the front panel

My master plan, was to maintain the integrity and history of the console by using the original wiring whenever possible, BUT converting it STEREO, and to accept solid state OPAMP LABS modules, that could by unplugged and the original tube guts and 360 volt DC power supply plugged in.

I just can't do it like the factory ladies. They are so good at neat wiring..

Cool factor - one of them was Serial # 3, circa 1956

Shallco stereo pots going in

Here is the amp I built up to take the place of the tube amplifiers.  I used the repeat coil, and relay chassis, again trying to keep the wiring intact.


Thanks Dave! My Collins 212E console